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2018 Tire Program Announced

By: APC Racing | APC Racing Series | February 06, 2018 at 12:15pm
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The APC Series would like to announce a restructure in yearend prizes with the new 100% attendance initiative. This initiative will see drivers who compete in 100% of series events in 2018 receive up to 8 free American Racer tires throughout the season and replace some of previous season’s prizes.

The graphic below shows the full schedule breakdown, outlining that drivers with 100% attendance through the first 3 events will receive a free tire in event #4 at Delaware Speedway. Drivers who maintain this 100% attendance will receive 1 additional free tire at each event 5, 6, & 7. For events 8 & 9 at Jukasa Motor Speedway and Delaware Speedway, drivers who continue to maintain their 100% participation will receive 2 free tires at each of these events, totalling an opportunity for drivers to earn 8 free tires over the course of the entire season.

This is something the series is very excited about and will benefit every driver who competes in all series events in 2018! Please note that drivers must maintain their 100% participation from the start of the season to continue earning their free tires.

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