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Maudsley's Power 10 Rankings

By: Jamie Maudsley | APC Racing Series | September 11, 2020 at 9:55am
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After event number 2 - Sauble Speedway

#1 - Brandon Watson - (Last Ranking #1) - It was not a typical day at the races for Brandon Watson in the Stewart's 100 presented by Quaker State, as the team struggled to find the handle on their #9 machine.  After thrashing on the car throughout the practice sessions, a ninth-place effort was all Watson could muster in qualifying.  Despite arguably not having the quickest car, the all-time APC United Late Model Series career win leader picked his way through traffic to the front.  During the last 20 laps he battled with J.R. Fitzpatrick, and after swapping the lead a couple of times, Watson found his way to victory lane for the first time this season, keeping his spot atop the Power Rankings for at least another race.

#2 - Jo Lawrence - (Last Ranking #3) - Winner of the season opening Dayco 75 presented by Pennzoil at Jukasa Motor Speedway, Jo Lawrence was able to muster a fourth-place qualifying run at Sauble Speedway.  The sophomore competitor was involved in some lap two contact that ended up with the #78 machine sitting in the infield.  It looked like a chance of victory might be gone, but the 2019 Rookie of the Year methodically picked his way through the field to climb into the top-five with 25 to go.  Lawrence closed the deal by getting a few more spots in the closing laps for a second-place finish but came up a little short of Watson - at the beach - and in the Power Rankings.

#3 Matt Pritiko - (Last Ranking #2) - Multi-time Sauble Speedway winner Matt Pritiko could not find the handle on the short track all night.  The defending series champ qualified 12th and pit during the main event to try and improve his ill-handling car.  Pritiko fought back through the traffic for an eighth-place result.  As the tour heads to Sunset for the London Recreational Racing 100 presented by Shell Rotella, Pritiko has to show that his Sauble performance was an outlier and has some ground to make up in this short championship race if he wants to defend his title.   

#4 - Shae Gemmell - (Last Ranking - #4) - The APC United Late Model Series presented by Grisdale rolled into Sauble Speedway, the site of Gemmell's only trip to victory lane, a 2019 Civic Holiday triumph.  Gemmell picked up right where he left off in qualifying, parked his #3 at the top of the charts, and started seventh after the invert.  Gemmell picked his way forward throughout the 100 lapper and challenged Watson for the lead with just a handful of laps to go.  If he pulled off the win, or even held on for second in the closing laps, Shae would've moved up, but losing a spot late to Lawrence left him stuck at #4 on the chart for the second straight week.

#5 - J.R. Fitzpatrick - (Last Ranking - #7) - This editions' 'mover and shaker' in the power rankings, 'Grumpy' Fitzpatrick turned his Jukasa performance around with a solid run at Sauble Speedway during round two of the APC United Late Model Series.  Fitzpatrick qualified fifth but started fourth after the invert.  Fitzpatrick took the lead early from Sheridan and owned the race until Watson moved to second and started to challenge for the lead.  Fitzpatrick was passed by Watson for control of the race but fought back and made an aggressive move taking the point back.  It was short lived as Watson roughed him up back to take the win, while Fitzpatrick wound up fourth.  That up-front run, and lots of laps led move him up in the Power Rankings. 

#6 - Treyten Lapcevich - (Last Ranking - #5) - Treyten Lapcevich qualified sixth at the beach and had a consistent run.  The 16-year old climbed as high as third, with about 35 laps to go, but got shuffled back late in the affair and wound up with a fifth-place result.  A lot of times, Treyten runs under the radar.  He does not tear up much equipment, because he does not put himself in bad positions, and has patience and race craft that is far beyond his age.  It is time for Treyten to take that next step from 'contender' to 'winner' if he wants to move to the top of the Power Rankings.  

#7 - Jake Sheridan - (Last Ranking - #8) - Jake Sheridan was all business at Sauble Speedway for the Stewart's 100 presented by Quaker State, as he was among the fastest in practice, and backed it up with a second-place qualifying effort.  After the top-ten were inverted, Sheridan found himself on the pole.  he led early, but had a right front flattened by contact with J.R. Fitzpatrick before an early restart.  Sheridan put on his emergency rubber and was forced to race from the back of the pack.  Jake did just that, but ran out of laps, while running just outside the top-five, racking up a sixth-place result in a tremendous comeback.

#8 - Pete Shepherd - (Last Ranking - #6) - Following a top-five result in the season opener at Jukasa, Shepherd continued his roll in qualifying at Sauble Speedway for the Stewart's 100 presented by Quaker State, with a third-place result.  After getting shuffled back to eighth after the invert, Pete was able to get rolling forward, but was involved in a dust-up about halfway through the event battling inside the top-ten.  This would necessitate a trip to the back, and a solid rally through the field, to post a seventh-place finish.  Despite the quality result, his run just was not as impressive as either Fitzpatrick or Sheridan, who both leapfrogged Shepherd in the rankings.

#9 - Josh Stade - (Last Ranking - Unranked) - Event number two of the 2020 APC United Late Model championship saw 'Prime Time' perform well enough to crack the Power Rankings.  The two-time track champ qualified eighth and started on the inside of row two after the invert.  Stade challenged Fitzpatrick for the lead leading up to the halfway point, getting his sponsors some good TV time, but faded during the second half of the event, holding onto a ninth-place finish, and just creeping into the Power Rankings.

#10 - Ryan Kimball - (Last Ranking - Unranked) - 'Flying' Ryan has been stout at Sauble Speedway before and ran in the top-ten for most of the night after a sixth-place qualifying effort.  Some contact put Kimball at the back during a multi-car spin in the second half of the Stewart's 100 presented by Quaker State, but he rallied back to a 10th-place finish on the night, and a trip to #10, and into the Power Rankings.

 Falling Out of Power Rankings

Mat Box - (Last Ranking - #9) - Never a factor, qualifying 16th, and DNF'ed to a 23rd-place finish.

'The Road Warrior' Andrew Gresel - (Last Ranking - #10) - Looked good early, with a top-ten qualifying run, and some laps led.  But his day, like his oil line, and his spot in the Power Rankings went up in smoke on lap 10.

Still Just Short

Blair Wickett - (Last Rankings - Not Ranked) - Wickett has improved from last year but needs to continue to post solid finishes to move into the Power Rankings.

Ray Morneau Jr. - Morneau struggled with an ignition problem all night, and while he finished, it was not a Power Rankings worthy run.

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