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Sunoco Returns as Partner

By: APC Racing | APC Racing Series | January 01, 2015 at 6:05pm
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The APC Racing Series is proud to welcome Sunoco Race Fuels to its growing list of partners for the 2016 race season. As the largest manufacturer of racing fuel in the world, Sunoco has a 40-year track record of winning performances. This partnership is in place to offer teams a reliable fuel and to level the playing field.

The Sunoco decal was proudly placed on the contingency decl package in 2015 and once again drivers and fans can expect that familiar yellow, blue and red Sunoco logo to appear on the package once again in 2016, as well as in many other places. The support from Sunoco does not go unnoticed, be sure to look for the logo in various places on the circuit in the upcoming season.

For more information visit Sunoco Racing Fuels online here.

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