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Technical / Rule Update

By: APC Racing | APC Racing Series | March 17, 2016 at 1:13pm
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Please be advised of the following technical/rule update:

21. Fuel:

21.1  Only Sunoco Racing Fuel - 260 GT Plus and/or CRATE 91 will be the specified fuels permitted for competition in APC LATE MODEL SERIES sanctioned events. Additives and/or blending of any type including; methanol, alcohol, nitrous oxide, propylene oxide, nitromethane or other performance enhancing chemical additives will not be permitted. Fuel may be tested from time-to-time and/or submitted for verification by designated APC LATE MODEL SERIES Officials to Sunoco Race Fuels.

Additionally, please note that MRE is the distributor for the crate 91 fuel. 

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