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Rule Updates

By: APC Racing | APC Racing Series | June 21, 2016 at 12:15pm
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Please be advised of the following rule updates:

Race Procedures:

2. Qualifying (time trials):
2.9 All cars must maintain forward momentum during time trials. Any car that fails to maintain forward momentum will only receive 1 lap for time trials and cannot start race any better than 10th.
2.10 Any car that has a transponder malfunction during time trials will receive areplacement transponder & only 1 additional time trial lap. If lap time is still unavailable from replacement transponder the lap time will be obtained usingstopwatch. Any car that requires 1 additional time trial lap due to transponder malfunction cannot start race any better than 10


14.1. Transmission must remain stock O.E.M. 4 speed or 3 speed with all forward gears working as originally produced. 4 speed transmission must have no less than 1.23 third gear ratio. 3 speed transmission must have no less than 1.23 second gear ratio.

14.2.Must have reverse gear. No drilled shafts, No straight gears.
14.3. Must retain brass synchronizer ring.
14.4. The following are the only approved transmission for APC Late Model Series:

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