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Hy-Grade Roofing 100 Announced

By: Jamie Dyson | APC Racing Series | March 15, 2017 at 12:30pm
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The APC Series is very excited to announce a partnership with Hy-Grade Roofing. Hy-Grade will become the official event sponsor for the June 17th event at Peterborough Speedway, located just minutes from the city core in Cavan, ON. This will mark the series third trip to the Speedway famed for its annual Autumn Colours classic on the thanksgiving weekend. 

The series’ first 2 trips to the speedway have resulted with the same driver burning down his tires after the race, Shawn ‘The Mastodon’ Chenoweth, who took the victory first in 2015 and again in 2016. Both events thrilled the crowd with some great side by side racing and some tough luck incidents that left the crowd silent. In 2016 Chenoweth was followed by #86 Billy Schwartzenburg who would be picking up his first career podium finish in the APC Series, and 2016 Champion Andrew Gresel came home 3rd. Both the #86 of Schwartzenburg and the #81 of Gresel are sponsored by Hy-Grade roofing and proudly fly the company’s colours on their respective cars. 

A few names to keep an eye on for the 2017 event would be Shawn Chenoweth, who no matter the conditions seems to run well when he fires up at Peterborough. Some other names to watch for would be home town driver #87 Willie Reyns who won the 2016 Autumn Colours classic, #86 Billy Schwartzenburg who as mentioned before took home a podium in 2016, Also former Peterborough track champion #22m Chris Mitchell who returns to the series in 2017 could have something to say about the final outcome before all is said and done. 

Hy-Grade Roofing was established in 1988, and is a family run business that have prided themselves on perfecting a permanent steel roofing system. Manufactured in Guelph, Ontario and covering the majority of the province, they have installed over 14,000 roofs. That’s over 31 million square feet of roofing. 

Roofing failures occur unless the steel roofing system is designed with the natural and normal metal expansion and contraction process in mind. Expansion and contraction happens between winter and summer, as well as between night-time and daytime. This can stress the fasteners—especially –screws; that’s why Hy-Grade only use’s nails to fasten the shakes to your roof.

The engineered design allows for natural movement along with shedding water and snow. The system allows for improved air flow, which takes away moisture and condensation. With proper attic insulation and ventilation the roof will also help keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Even though the system is the premium roofing solution, clients are pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. Hy-Grade controls the entire manufacturing process in house, and are able to provide the product at wholesale and pass the savings on to you.

The APC Series is excited to add Hy-Grade Roofing to our growing list of event sponsors for 2017 and we are looking forward to a thrilling event on June 17th at Peterborough Speedway. Be sure to see the stars and cars of the APC Series not only on June 17th but all season long!

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