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APC Series Penalty Report

By: APC Racing | APC Racing Series | August 12, 2019 at 8:05am
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The APC Series has announced penalties following Sunday's Spira Fire Protection Beat the Heat 100 at Sauble Speedway.

Penalty Report – Race 8 – Sauble Speedway Date: Aug 4th, 2019
TEAM: #1 (Driver)

Anyone who, by word or deed, impedes jeopardizes or in any manner hinders the smooth and orderly presentation of the racing program, or anyone who commits, or causes to be committed, any detriments to stock car racing and/or APC Late Model Series.


Entire Team #1 - Probation until Dec 31, 2019 – pertaining to all APC Series functions.

APC Series Race/Tech Director - Darryl Timmermans

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