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Maudsley's eSeries Power 10 Rankings V3

By: Jamie Maudsley | APC Racing Series | May 05, 2020 at 10:25am
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After event number 4 - Five Flags Speedway


1. Cayden Lapcevich - (Last week - #1) - This was the first time Cayden Lapcevich faltered throughout the first four events of the 2020 APC Late Model eSeries.  After a couple bouts of contact, the older of the brothers was only able to muster a 23rd-place finish after he qualified fifth and ran the fifth fastest lap of the race.  Holding onto the top spot is still based on those two wins to open the season, but the gap between him and number two is razor thin heading to Martinsville this Thursday night.  Cayden was also picked #46 this past weekend in the Speed51.com Draft.

#2 Dale Shaw - (Last week - #2) - Midway through the event, Dale Shaw's shot at two in a row looked over, as a spin sent him around and to the pits.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the Guelph driver ended up using the early stop to take tires, and gain track position later in the 150-lapper.  Shaw was perfect on restarts once he got the lead and went on to record his second consecutive win, after winning at the Milwaukee Mile in week 3.  The win closed the gap between him and Cayden in the Power Rankings and put them almost even up heading to Virginia.  

 #3 Ryan Dyson - (Last week - #3) - Ryan Dyson was able to record his third top-five in four races last Thursday in Pensacola Florida on the bumpy 5/8th-mile track, but it wasn't enough to move him any higher in the rankings.  Dyson has the best average finish of any driver who has started all four events, but he has yet to find victory lane, and has only led 11 laps during four races.  Despite having the best average finish per race, to quote famous racer Ricky Bobby, "If you ain't first, you're last."  Points racing might win you some championships but it takes wins to get you to the top of the Power Rankings.  

#4 Treyten Lapcevich - (Last week - #2) - Treyten Lapcevich seemed like he was on his way to the top of the list through the early goings at Five Flags Speedway last Thursday, as the 16-year old put his machine on the outside of the front row.  Treyten wrestled the lead away from Jo Lawrence, turned the fourth-fastest lap of the night, and led for 58 circuits before pitting under yellow.  Treyten was never able to get back to the front during a physical 150 lap contest, and came home 15th, costing him a couple of spots on the APC Late Model eSeries Power Rankings.

#5 Jamie Dyson - (Last week - #6) - Jamie Dyson recorded his first top-five finish, and did it with style, bring his car home third at Five Flags Speedway.  He had to overcome a 19th-place starting spot but was able to avoid enough of the carnage to weave his way to his best finish of the four events so far.  It was a coin flip last week between Dyson and Rick Spencer-Walt, but Dyson wrote his own cheque last week with the podium finish and moved up in the APC Late Model eSeries Power Rankings.

#6 Cole Timm - (Last week - Not ranked) - The Power Rankings can be fickle, as Timm found out when he dropped out last week, but Five Flags Speedway presented a new opportunity.  Unlike the rest of the field, Timm had raced in real live at the home of the Snowball Derby, and he leaned on some real-life experience to be a factor all night.  After qualifying 10th, Timm ran the fastest lap of the event, and had a busy night finding himself in the eye of the hurricane on a number of occasions.  He survived the physical affair with a runner-up finish to Shaw and became the biggest mover and shaker on the Power Rankings.

#7. Jo Lawrence - (Last week #10) - The APC Late Model Series 2019 Rookie-of-the-Year has been fast every week.  Like not just fast, but Dale Shaw/Lapcevich brothers/Ryan Dyson-blistering fast.  After issues in qualifying at Milwaukee in week three, Lawrence was first through the pit gate, first through tech, the first car to hit the track for practice, and when qualifying was done, was first on the scoring pylon.  He paced the field for the first 28 laps, and was running fourth, with a solid shot at winning when he got mixed up with another car just before lap 100.  The heavy damage led to a 13th-place finish, and with his feast or famine finishes, next week could produce a grandfather clock and a trip up the Power Rankings, or a Martinsville hot dog on the way out.      

#8 Ray Morneau - (Last week - #10) - The huge drop in his Power Rating status energized the young APC Late Model Series Windsor driver, and he used the motivation to record a solid night last Thursday.  Morneau qualified sixth, and like Timm, seemed to be in the thick of a lot of action, taking the seventh most incident points of the starters.  Despite a beaten-up race car, 'Little Ray' was able to survive to the end, and with a couple of late key moves came home with a fourth-place finish.

#9 - Jade Franklin - (Last week - #9) - Franklin was able to qualify fourth in Pensacola last Thursday and ran in the top-five until shortly before lap 100 when contact from behind sent him into the inside concrete.  Franklin's crew got out the virtual baseball bats, ball peen hammers, and duct tape to work on an extremely disorganized left front fender and bumper.  Their work was superb, and their driver did the rest, as Franklin slugged his way back through the back over the final 1/3rd of the race for a 10th-place finish, and a move up the Power Rankings list.

#10 - Rick Spencer-Walt - (Last week - #6) - Spencer-Walt almost went from sixth to right off the list at Five Flags, as he got tangled up with Lane Zardo in the B-Main while racing for a spot in the feature.  Spencer-Walt was still on the inside looking out heading into the closing laps until he stickhandled his way through some late carnage to claim the final spot transfer.

Honourable Mention - Jordan Howse, Nic Ramsay

Dropping out - Josh Stade (Last week - #8)

By Jamie Maudsley

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