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Maudsley's eSeries Power 10 Rankings V4

By: Jamie Maudsley | APC Racing Series | May 13, 2020 at 8:30am
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After event number 5 - Martinsville Speedway

#1A - Cayden Lapcevich - (Last week - #1) - In true warrior spirit, Cayden Lapcevich had to fight with a beaten and broken car throughout 150 laps at Martinsville Speedway, and when the dust settled, he had raced his way back inside the top-five.  With the third-place finish, Lapcevich had four top-fives in five events, including two wins in the first two races.  The only blemish on his scorecard was a 23rd-place finish at Five Flags.  Despite finishing second in average finish, and second in points if they were to be awarded, the Power Rankings like wins and the pair of checkered flags, victories at USA International and Richmond Raceway, were enough to keep Cayden at the top of the list, by a razor thin margin.

#1B - Ryan Dyson - (Last week - #3) - Since COVID-19 hit, and iRacing boomed, it has opened eyes to drivers who are virtual rock stars but haven't yet reached the ultimate prizes in motorsports.  Timmy Hill and Garett Smithley are examples in the NASCAR Cup series, drivers who just don't have the best equipment, but have been very successful on the simulator.  In the APC Series, Ryan and Jamie Dyson, and Nic Ramsay have/do race weekly at Delaware Speedway, and are all APC Series officials.  Ryan has become the virtual rock star of the group, taking on the best of the APC Late Model Series, and posting the best average finish in the field of 3.8.  He looked like the only driver who had a shot at Jo Lawrence last Thursday night at Martinsville Speedway, just missing on the clock, but getting a dozen hot dogs as a lovely parting gift.  Use any points standings and if you tally them up Ryan would have come out on top, but the Power Rankings gives a little nod to checkered flags.  Despite two second-place finishes, and a worst finish of sixth, the lack of a checkered flag leaves him as 1B to Lapcevich's 1A.

#3 - Treyten Lapcevich - (Last week - #4) - The younger of the Grimsby racing duo, Treyten closed out the season with another runner-up finish, just not having enough left at the end to put a challenge on Jo Lawrence.  Like his brother, Treyten had his mulligan at Five Flags where he finished 18th, but a third at USA International, a pole and a fourth at Richmond, and a pole and a near win at Milwaukee when contact took him from the lead to sixth on the final lap all add up to an average finish of 6.6.  Lapcevich was able to lead a series high 249 laps, out of a possible 675, and ranked a sold third in the Power Rankings.  If the race at the Milwaukee Mile was a mere mile less, this list would look different. 

#4 - Dale Shaw - (Last week - #2) - The inaugural APC Late Model Series champ ran out of fuel while sitting in the drivers' seat at USA International, then wrecked while racing for second in the closing laps at Richmond Raceway.  A subtle bump moved Treyten Lapcevich for win one at the Milwaukee Mile, and then an early spin and pit stop gave Shaw track position late to win his second consecutive race at Five Flags Speedway.  Shaw admitted that Martinsville isn't one of his favorite tracks, and it showed as he was involved in a few altercations and muddled his way to an 18th-place result.  Shaw was still able to lead the third-most laps with 114 and set the fastest race time at two different events.  The Power Rankings put a little more emphasis on style and flair than consistency, so despite a average finish of 10.4, which was only good for seventh-best, Shaw was still able to finish in the top-five in the power rankings on the strength of a 40% winning percentage, which could've easily been 80% with a break or two. 

#5 - Jo Lawrence - (Last week - #7) - If Jo Lawrence had have just closed a deal or two earlier in the season, he would've been sitting in the top-five of the Power Rankings last week, and on his way to the top of the chart with his Martinsville win, and a virtual Grandfather clock now sitting in his living room.  Lawrence proved he could turn a quick lap in time trials in real life last year capturing two poles, and he won his second consecutive APC Late Model eSeries pole at the Virginia paperclip.  Ryan Dyson gave Lawrence a run for his money on the high side during a late restart, but other than that, it was just second-place and back watching Lawrence get smaller out the windshield.  Including overtime at Martinsville, Lawrence led 162 laps, and turned the fastest time of the day, as he posted his third podium finish of the series and climbed to fifth in the Power Rankings. 

#6 - Jamie Dyson - (Last week - #5) - Jamie Dyson was a model of consistency over the five-race series, as he qualified between eighth and 19th, and never saw a B-Main.  When it came to feature time, he finished every event 12th or better, and had his best run at Five Flags where he raced to a third-place finish after starting 19th.  Dyson was able to keep his incidents totals down again at Martinsville and raced his way to an eighth-place finish, and finished with the fifth-best average finish numbers.  While usually a couple of spots behind his brother on average, Dyson was able to put up four top-ten results but needs some more TV time up front to move up the Power Rankings.

#7 - Ray Morneau - (Last week - #8) - Ray Morneau would up the five-race series with an average finish position of 8.2, a mere sliver behind Jamie Dyson's 7.6, which puts 'Little Ray' a mere sliver behind Dyson in the Power Rankings.  When he was good, Morneau was putting up top-fives at Five Flags, and Richmond Raceway, before finishing fifth at Martinsville.  When Morneau was bad he was finishing 15th at USA International, and 14th on the Milwaukee Mile, which was still pretty good for bad days, and enough to move him up to a final finishing position of seventh in the Power Rankings. 

#8 - Cole Timm - (Last week - #6) - With NASCAR getting back underway, Timm's attention will turn from iRacing back to the real thing as a member of Chase Elliott's team, and he closed the APC Late Model eSeries with a top-ten at Martinsville, while turning the third-fastest lap of the race.  Timm led 35 laps throughout the series and posted his best finish at Five Flags where he finished second and turned the fastest lap of the night.  Timm also mixed in an eighth-place result at Richmond for three top-tens and had the most interesting roller coaster ride through the Power Rankings, climbing as high as sixth last week, but falling out the week before that.

#9 - Jade Franklin - (Last week - #9) - Franklin was able to post the ninth-best average finish throughout the five race APC Late Model eSeries, never qualifying worse than 18th, never seeing a B-Feature, and never finishing worse than 17th.  Franklin qualified and finished fifth at Milwaukee for his best finish.  He would've been higher on the Power Rankings if not for the late issues with his tremendous run at Five Flags Speedway.  Franklin was spun while running second late in the 150-lapper, leading to a 10th-place result.  Jade closed the season up in Martinsville with a 15th-place result, but luckily some others in the Power Rankings nipping at his heels didn't have enough success on the flat 1/2-mile to knock Franklin out.

#10 - Nic Ramsay - (Last week - Unranked) - The third APC Series official on the list, Ramsay, a competitor weekly at Delaware Speedway sticks out of a group of three drivers with similar results by being Dale Shaw Light.  Like Shaw, the results for Ramsay didn't match the performances, it just happened deeper in the pack than Shaw was running.  Ramsay was far more impressive at getting his sponsors television time by running in the top-ten than finishing there.  The highlights for Ramsay were a tenth at USA International, ninth at Martinsville Speedway, and turning the fourth-fastest lap of the night at Richmond Raceway.  If Ramsay could have figured out how to finish the race in the same spot he was running at halfway, or the 3/4 mark, he would have navigated his way higher up the Power Rankings.  While his final numbers are very close to Josh Stade and Jordan Howse, the ample amount of time in the top-ten gives Ramsay the nod.

Honourable Mention - Josh Stade, and Jordan Howse.

Dropping out - Rick Spencer-Walt (Last week - #10)

By Jamie Maudsley

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