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GForceTV To Broadcast Through 2025

By: GForceTV | APC Racing Series | February 10, 2022 at 8:00am
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GForceTV and the United Racing Series enter a multi-year streaming agreement that will see the APC United Late Model Series and select Qwick Wick Super Stock Series events on GForceTV through 2025.

Management from both GForceTV and the United Racing Series met throughout the off-season exploring ways to deliver the excitement of Ontario’s premier stock car racing series to its growing audience. Everyone agreed that each APC Series event should be streamed live and for FREE!

“Our primary goal is to bring as much attention to our brand of racing as possible,” said series owner Luke Ramsay. “GForceTV delivers our product live to an unlimited audience, and they do it with high quality production.”

GForceTV is committed to maintaining the same principles it was created with – providing high-speed content of grassroots motorsports live and free to the viewer.

“By providing the excitement and drama Ontario short track racing provides, we will continue building our core audience,” says GForceTV co-founder Clinton Geoffrey. “The recipe for growth is to provide the action for free, and build quality relationships with advertisers and marketing partners to pay for it.”

While motorsports promoters and stream providers around the globe seem geared to a paying at-home audience the GForceTV model remains focused on a free product.

“We believe our model has greater benefit to the racers and promoters,” said GForceTV co-founder Adam Ross. “We are committed to promoting the sport and promoting the teams, and the sport has never had a bigger audience than it does right now.”

One thing everyone involved agrees with – you can’t beat the live and in-person experience of a day at the races.

“We are committed to telling the stories and presenting the action,” said Geoffrey. “We also want to enhance the experience of race fans and teams in attendance. We want to see people watching replays and assessing damage from the grandstands and the pits. It takes the race experience to new levels.”

As part of the agreement GForceTV is providing an upcoming events segment to its streams to promote live attendance at speedways throughout Ontario.

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