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All-Time Win List

The list below shows all the winners and their total number of victories in APC United Late Model Series feature race competition. Last chance races or any wins other than main events are not considered for the all time wins list.

Brandon Watson:19 WINS

JR Fitzpatrick:8 WINS

Andrew Gresel:7 WINS

Matt Pritiko:5 WINS

Jo Lawrence:4 WINS

Shawn Chenoweth:3 WINS

Rick Spencer-Walt:3 WINS

Dale Shaw:2 WINS

Jason Hathaway:2 WINS

Kyle Steckly:2 WINS

Shae Gemmell:2 WINS

Cole Powell:1 WIN

Jesse Kennedy:1 WIN

Dwayne Baker:1 WIN

Andrew Kamrath:1 WIN

Jordan Sims:1 WIN

Billy Schwartzenburg:1 WIN

Jordan Howse:1 WIN

Jake Sheridan:1 WIN

Treyten Lapcevich:1 WIN

Josh Stade:1 WIN

Lane Zardo:3 WINS

Trevor Collver:2 WINS

Gerrit Tiemersma:2 WINS

Todd Davenport:1 WIN

Ryan Semple:1 WIN

Carson Nagy:1 WIN

Jason Parker:1 WIN

Andrew Ferreira:1 WIN

Pete Vanderwyst:1 WIN

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